Ayurvedic Massage in Lajpat Nagar Delhi

This is a unique type of traditional Indian massage. Includes a technique where a masseuse uses hands and feet as well as yoga stretching. After a massage - 10 minutes steam bath. This unique technique combines Ayurvedic and Yoga, which allows you to achieve results both physically and mentally.

Ayurvedic massage regulates breathing, blood circulation, promotes detoxification and increases Prana (life energy), as well as gives additional life forces.

A special herbage powder used during this massage is a good antiseptic and toxin eliminator. It nourishes the skin and improves its texture. Yoga stretching exercises give the body flexibility and strength, helps to overcome chronic muscle and skeletal wounds, painful menstruation, obesity and joint pain.

Ayurvedic massage gives the body a lot of energy, a sense of harmony, relaxation, health and ease, provides relaxation and rejuvenation, and helps to eliminate stress and depression.

While applying massages to cure a pain or illness you have to be prescribed and scrupulously paired by the Ayurvedic physician, there are also some who, aimed at improving well-being, can be done at your own will; always with professionals trained and prepared in the Ayurveda Massage.

An important element to bear in mind - both for the properties that are attributed to it as for its exotic condition - is the wooden bed in India over which the patient is located in different positions to receive the treatments and / or massages.

Ayurveda massages are indicated to treat different types of problems:

     Back pain
     Chronic diseases
     Generalized pain
     And other pains

Indicated for daily use, since it balances all the energies of the body, it is the Ayurveda massage par excellence.

Centers where you can enjoy this treatments:

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